Thursday, January 8, 2015

Speed Craft Challenge - Anything Goes

Well Howdy My Sweet Friends

Today is the 

All you need is 15 minutes and you can create something really pretty.  This is an "Anything Goes" challenge with an optional Twist and the twist this time is Music Inspired.  

For this challenge I decided to alter a large composition book.  .

This project was mostly about paper piecing - I cut out the flower that's now on the front bottom right corner from another piece of cardstock.  I did the same thing on the back cover, I cut the bird and the little boat out from different sheets of cardstock and created the image on the back.  Is that like borrowing from "Peter to pay Paul" -  sorry I couldn't resist - it just popped into my head.  Of course I had to add cardstock to the front and back of the comp book first.  I used mod podge to glue everything down.  Trimmed the edges and used a nail file to sand the edges and book binding tape on the left side.

(Front Cover) 

    (Back Cover)

(Oh my goodness - I didn't think I was going to finish on time)

Here's the lesson I learned from this challenge.  I know I have said over and over again how much this Speed Craft Challenge has helped me get out of my head and like Nike says "Just Do It."  What I mean is - I think I have to have it all figured out before I create anything.  And the reality is - that's not how it works.  Oh, its a great place to start but I there's so much more waiting around the corner.  

It's like making a batch of chocolate chip cookies - all you do is follow the instructions.  However with the Speed Challenge you get to make your own batch of cookies but you won't know what the recipe is until you finish the project.  How wonderful is that???

So it's time for you (please) to join in the challenge and create your own recipe of chocolate chip cookies (not the hot from the oven, melt in your mouth kind cookies) but your own 15 minute craft creation.  And then share it with us at Speed Craft Challenge and you will discover a new freedom within that is better than a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies and with no calories - how awesome is that??

I am so looking forward to seeing what you create.  Just remember you can have your supplies ready to go, your stop watch ready to push the "start" button but please include a photo of the final time on your clock on your blog.  

The Design Team has some gorgeous creations to share with you and I hope you will check out their blogs and maybe leave them a little love.

With hugs and smiles
Laine K
DT Speed Craft Challenge


  1. I commented but Blogger seems to have eaten it. Please tell me if the comment appears lol :-) xxx

  2. Marvelous, Laine! I love the idea of making cookies but not knowing the recipe until they're baked. What a great analogy. :-D I also love the Speed Challenge and am so glad you introduced me to it. :-D


With hugs and smiles