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New Beginnings in Crafting

Hello my dear sweet friends -
Hope you are having a glorious day!! I am sitting here at the kitchen table with a fantastic refreshing breeze coming through the open windows.  It's like heaven on earth!!
Several months ago a dear friend sent me a gift card for my birthday and I just haven't had the opportunity to use it until now.  Most of my craft supplies are divided between California and Oregon and I don't have a lot here with me yet. Since I am in the creative mode I figured I needed to do a little shopping and see what I could come up with and the photo below shows what I bought with my gift card.  Ironically I am so use to being surrounded by all my craft supplies and at times was a little overwhelmed because there were so many choices.  
And now I am excited because I don't have so many choices and I will be able to really stretch my creative muscle to see what I can come up with.  I do have digi images on my computer (thank goodness) as well as my copic markers.  …

Time of Renewal

Hello my sweet dear friends -

I am so incredibly happy and excited to be back in blog land with you and at the same time a little nervous and apprehensive with making my first post in quite some time.  Without going into all the details I can finally say I feel like I am back in the world of the living.  I feel rested, my spirit renewed and I have such a deep joy and peace from within. 

Lots of changes have taken place as well as challenges and the excitement of a whole new life adventure bursting open in front of me. Still lots to do but I am ready, willing and able to jump in feet first.  I am now living back in Washington state and excited beyond measure to be near my daughters and grandsons.  

I am slowly getting back into the creative swing of things and will hopefully be able to start posting my creative endeavors soon. But until then - I am so looking forward to checking out your blogs and see what has been happening in your lives too!!  I sure have missed you!!!

With hugs to al…