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Showing posts from April 22, 2012

Tuesday Alchemy Design Team Call

It is so exciting Tuesday Alchemy is having a Design Team call.  I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and apply.  The butterflies in my tummy are wearing combat boots. (I can hear my best friend saying "Silly Laine".    Make sure to check out the Tuesday Alchemy Blog and submit your own projects.

I am hooked on the creative process although I must confess it was a painful process in the beginning.  When I first started over 20 years ago I use to sit at the kitchen table and try to make something and just be paralyzed with fear and start crying.  My daughters would say "Mom it is suppose to be fun" and I sobbed "but it's NOT".  I remember that exact moment as if it was yesterday but I am so glad I never gave up.  I find the creative process fun, exciting, at times frustrating and absolutely life changing.  I decided to submit a variety of items and see what happens.  My next step will be submitting cards and other items to magazines.

Hercules and the Power of Cheese

It's not very often Hercules gets cheese.  I desperately wanted to capture a video of him doing his cute Hercules dance.  So I bribed him with cheese and I finally got my video.

Small Notebooks

Today is one of those days where I needed some instant gratification.  I made several small notebooks to give as "just because" gifts for a couple of my friends.  The first two were quick and easy to make.  The Eiffel Tower notebook took a little longer to make.  I wanted the Eiffel Tower on the front cover to line up with the Eiffel Tower on the inside when the cover is closed.  I may have to keep this one for myself.

Still working on some other projects so please stop by tomorrow and see some new items.

Mother's Day

It feels so wonderful to be creating again.  Making something always makes my heart sing.  Do you feel that way too??
I have been working on some ideas for Mother's Day.  I decided to make some gift card holders.  The theme for the Tuesday Alchemy blog is black and white I and decided to see what I could come up with for my first gift holder.  I will have more styles at my Etsy Shop (Hugs4theHeart) later this week.   

Be sure to check out the Tuesday Alchemy blog and see what others have created. I really look forward to every Tuesday to see what the challenge is for that week.  Sometimes I feel like that woman in the old Mervyn's commercial with her face and hands pressed up against the glass front door chanting "open, open, open).

This gift card measures 3.25" x 5".  I used some heavy chipboard and covered the front and back with cardstock.  I added a large white flower with lots of  bling for the center of it.  Rather than just attaching the gift card to the bac…