Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just the beginning......

Happy Tuesday my dear sweet friends - 

Sure hope you are having a glorious day!!  Anything new and exciting on your side of blog land???

I have been busy working on my first project (as I shared in an earlier post) and have managed to get the beginnings of the album put together.  I have been wanting to make a special journal to add my favorite scriptures to and this was the perfect time to start this process.  As you can see I have the basics of the album put together but that's as far as I have gotten.  I am not quite sure what I want to add to the front yet but just allowing the ideas to simmer in the background of my brain and see if any of them catch my fancy.  If you have any ideas - hey let me know - I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue (and whatever else you would like to share with me). 


I have been writing down and keeping track of all my favorite scriptures and quotes for quite some time now and know it will take a little time to get them all typed out.  Although - I may just hand write them to make it even more personal.  I can still decorate and embellish each page but just need to be patient until I can finally get rest of my personal belongings back here in Washington State. 

By the way - this is an 8" x 8" chipboard album and I was so excited to have discovered the gorgeous wide pink lace in one of my boxes.  It was the perfect color and just long enough.  How amazing is that???

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you will visit again soon.  I truly appreciate it.  

With hugs and smiles