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Speed Challenge - The Power of "HOPE"

Happy Happy Thursday my Dear Sweet Friends

Oh my goodness - Thanksgiving is a week away which also means Christmas is around the corner.  Have you done your Thanksgiving shopping yet?  Christmas??  I haven't even started mine.  

Today I sharing my Design Team project with Speed Challenge.  As you already know I am a huge fan of this challenge as it helps me to just jump in and enjoy the process.  I have a tendency to way over-think at times (especially with my crafting) and this has begun to change with each challenge - and I love it!!  

For this challenge I wanted to alter an altoid tin.  I have been wanting to have a pretty altered tin as a special place to hold some of my favorite quotes and scriptures.  My other goal is to complete and decorate one small page each day until all the pages are full.  I will carry it in my purse to pull out whenever I need something positive to remind me everything will be okay.

I gathered my supplies (see above photo).  I have collected a lot of magazines over the years (I won't admit to how many I have) but I am finally using some of the gorgeous artwork inside of them to create some of my personal projects.  

I must confess it's quite frightening to actually tear a page out of some of these craft magazines.  To me, it's like tearing the Mona Lisa into little pieces and tossing the left overs away.  I know - rather dramatic but it's how I feel.  And then I realized its really a great way to take something I admire and think is beautiful and create something special from it.  So, the first tearing page out was the hardest but I am hopeful it will continue to get easier.  I sure would love to have a lot more projects completed than a stack of magazines getting higher and higher in the corner.

Anyway - for this challenge I tore some of the page into several pieces.  I sanded the top and bottom of the tin so the paper would adhere better.  I used Mod Podge to seal the paper to the tin.  I had to work pretty fast so I wouldn't have a lot of wrinkles in it (the paper was so thin).  I was so excited - I thought I was going to finish this project in record time.  However - that turned out to be incorrect.  Then I:

*Let glue dry for few moments.  
*Flipped over & did same to bottom.  
Problem created - 
*Most of my fingers on left hand were getting stuck to front and back of tin.  
Not GOOD!!
Got fingers unstuck and added another top coat of Mod Podge.
Had to wash my hands to get pieces of glued on magazine page off my fingers.

(bottom of tin)

*Lightly sanded around outside edges for a cleaner look.
*Used super tacky tape to adhere blue/silver ribbon around the bottom edge.
*Added bling around some of the top edges.
*Added blue flower.
* Added bead stick pin.
I thought WOW this is great I am almost done.
It's only been 6 minutes 5 seconds.
Stinkin thinkin again.

What I wasn't counting on was how long and/or how many attempts it would take me to create the little album that goes inside.  

It took over four attempts to finally get the pages cut, scored evenly and added to the tin.  It was unbelievable and frustrating something so easy was taking so much time.  And yes, the clock was tick ticking away.  And the photo below shows just how much time it took to finish this challenge.

I was really happy I had already added the stick pin.

So here is my completed Speed Challenge project.  As I mentioned earlier I am going to create one page a day until the pages are done on both sides.  I will share an updated photo once the entire project is complete.

I really really hope you will join in our challenge this week.  We have a wonderful new sponsor joining us.  You can find out more information as well as see the other design team projects.  All it takes is 15 minutes and your project is done.  Yes - it really is possible.  You just have to be willing to jump into the deep end and trust you will float.

Thanks for stopping by - I really appreciate it as well as your sweet comments (or not so sweet comments if the situation arises).  Hopefully NOT.

Have a wonderful day!!  I can't wait to see what you create and I will be looking at all of them.

With hugs and smiles
Laine K

I am also entering this project into the following challenges:


  1. WOW Laine i am super impressed that it took you under 15 minutes to finish an altered Altoid tin, you are amazing! Love the way i get caught up with your excitement and your lows in your posts. Thank you for so much fun and inspiration, enjoyed my visit today :-) xxx

  2. Gorgeous alteration, Laine! Made me laugh too... Your writing.. ;)
    I can't wait to see the little pages now! :) xxx

  3. Brilliant project Laine so beautifully designed.
    lorraine x

  4. What a great project, Laine! Love the little book inside. :-D

  5. Such a beautiful the techniques you have used too.
    I remember how long it took me to add pages to my altered tin,as you say,something that would appear so simple,took ages,lol.
    Lovely entry for our challenge over at Rhedd's Creative Spirit...x

  6. Fantastic!! Many thanks for joining the Rhedd's Creative Spirit challenge and good luck!!! Melissa (DT)

  7. Fabulous altered tin, love it.

    Thank you so much for coming over and joining us at Rhedd's Creative Spirit.

    Great Big Huge Hugs

    Becca xxx (DT Member)


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With hugs and smiles


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