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Surf Sea and Sand

This week our challenge at Tuesday Alchemy is  "Surf Sea and Sand."  I have been looking forward to this challenge for quite a while now.  I love the ocean.  It is my favorite place to go when I need to de-stress.  So many happy memories of times spent with my daughters collecting shells, making sandcastles, watching the waves crashing into rocks, the cool breeze against our faces and all the seagulls flying above us.  My grandmother lived by the ocean and she was only a stones throw away from the beauty of it all.  It was heaven on earth.  

My precious girls would sit on the sidewalk in front of grandma's house facing each other, legs slightly apart and feet not quite touching.  Grandma would give them a metal container to roll back and forth to each other.  They giggled and talked and with each roll back and forth they were getting closer and closer to their reward - HOME MADE ICE CREAM. 

So many memories ago and all of it a blessing.  

And so dear friends, I hope you will join in the challenge with us at Tuesday Alchemy.  And I not only want to see your creations I would love to hear about a special memory you have about times spent by the ocean.

My project this week has touched something deep within me and I treasure it all. Maybe it's because its a simple image which pulls me in and allows all these memories to come to the surface.  I hope your project touches something deep and meaningful within you too.

With hugs and smiles,



  1. Reading about your story and seeing how it all came together with this project reminded me of all the summers I am in Maine. My mom's family lives near the coast and it is as lovely as you say in your post. We go every year. They don't live as close as your grandmother to the ocean, so we would take a trolley when I was younger. It's about a 15 min jog, but we couldn't wait to get there with our pails and shovels. We drive now that we're older. Still the same good memories rush back when I'm laying out in the sand.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Eileen. You created such a vivid image of those memories and it all made me smile.


  3. Great job Laine!!This is so nice and inspirational! i too always go to the ocean when I need to think or if I'm having a bad day. There's something about the ocean and the movement that calms me and it's beauty really puts things in perspective!


  4. Thanks Kelli... I just realized I haven't been to the California Coast in almost 20 years. This challenge and all the memories it brings up makes me want to go NOW NOW NOW!!



  5. Yes, Laine, the beach always brings forward wonderful memories of my childhood. My family & I used to live only 2 hours away, which was perfect for a day trip to the coast. We spent many a day relaxing on the beach, playing in the sand & eating clam chowder (This was way before I became vegan!) If you ever visit Pismo Beach, definitely stop by Splash Cafe for the BEST clam chowder in the world - Make sure you have it in a bread bowl :)


  6. wouah! ce challenge ne m'a pas inspiré mais ta création est toute en douceur et en calme, superbe, biz

  7. What a beautiful project, Laine, and your memories are absolutely precious! Such a treasure!


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